House Extensions

Why consider buying a new property if your needs can be met by a house extension? Imagine getting that open plan kitchen or creating a new bedroom or a bathroom and increasing the value of your property too all at the same time! Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

There are several benefits to an extension, including:

  • Flexibility, their size, and shape can be amended to your needs and budget
  • Acceptability, many ground floor extension options fall within permitted development.
  • Popularity, this is a very common and popular development option.
  • Adaptability can be adapted into an open plans space.

Not all extensions require planning permission, but in almost all cases you will need some sort of architectural drawings to get started on your project. Whether you need planning permission or not, we can provide you with the right expertise to maximise the day to day benefits of your new extension while sort out any issues from a planning perspective. We aim to make this whole process as smooth and as easy as possible.

There are a few different types of extensions such as the typical rear and side extensions and even front extensions, which can sometimes be more feasible and worthwhile depending on the scenario. There are several types of extensions, each with its own pros and cons. They vary in size, cost, geometry and it’s important to select the right one to suit your property.

Rear Extensions

By far the most selected type of extensions! Rear extensions can create a much superior living room, kitchen, or dining space. It involves extending the rear of the property, utilising garden space, to create new rooms or open the interior of the property to connecting existing areas. Mostly benefiting from permitted development rights unless wrap-around extensions. With the right type of glazing such as bifolds and veluxes, you can draw in plenty of natural light, which not only makes your space feel bigger but can be the bit of detail that takes your extension from looking basic to stunning! The advantages of this development are that it is relatively simple in terms of planning and construction, therefore it is low cost. The only disadvantage is that you will be sacrificing rear garden space, while this is not an issue if you have plenty of space to spare.

Front Extensions

You can perhaps add a front porch, or increase your living areas from the front without affecting your rear garden but can be difficult in obtaining planning permission due to the street scene being affected.

Side Extension

Benefits of utilising what may be useless space into an enlarged kitchen, bathroom or living area. A small space designed and engineered right can be a stunning addition to the property. You may be able to achieve it with your permitted development rights. The main disadvantage is that you need an alleyway/space next to the property in the first place to even consider this as an option. Furthermore, due to their complexity compared to a rear extension, they are often slightly more expensive.

Ground Floor Wraparound

The largest of the ground floor extensions, a wraparound extension will offer you the most additional space to transform your home. This development combines a rear and side extension to give you additional room space or a large open-plan living space.
The advantage is that due to the side extension you will not need to sacrifice as much space in the garden, furthermore the large space this extension provides allows for some creative interior designs. The only disadvantage is that this development will cost you more time and money, due to its complexity.

Two-Storey Extension

A multiple story extension will expand your living space to provide additional space in the ground floor as well as additional bedroom space in the first floor. While this development can transform your home, it comes with a hefty cost, however, the additional bedrooms and ground floor space can boost the value of your property!

Garage Conversions

According to recent surveys, approximately 90% of all garages in the UK are left empty. Why not tempt yourself into the idea of a future investment as well as increasing your living space? What is becoming increasingly common is that more and more people are converting their garages into living space. Whether that be ensuite one bedroom or a study/play room.

Garage conversions can cost as little as £7k, but in return can give a staggering +20% increase to the value of your home, it’s a no brainer!