Our philanthropic values

Why we’re giving away 1% of our sales to help needy children and women?

When we founded the MM Group, one of the infamous quotes by Winston Churchill was read out loud during our first start up meeting as this is something we firmly believe in;

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Ever since, we have dedicated ourselves and our business to ensure that whatever revenue comes in, we will dedicate 1% to the charitable organisations we have set up abroad as well as the organisations we work with.

At MM, We decided our main focus to be on children and women in the country of Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been labelled as the ‘worst humanitarian crisis’ on earth by the UN. There is an estimate of more than a million children that are at a risk of immediate death. With the country’s economic collapse after the withdrawal of the American forces and the establishment of the new shocking government where women’s rights do not exist, we feel it is of vital importance that women and children are the primary focus of our charitable campaign.

We are focused on:

Creating a world where women and children have some hope.

Our mission and strategy is to focus on the 3 vital components of life:




Initially we had opted for a 10% of all profits to go through for charity. However, it was later realized that 1% of all revenue instead of profits would deem to be far more generous and beneficial to our campaign. This is because a growing business comprises of multiple significant expenses which equates to far less profits. Hence, 10% of a lesser amount would materialize in an insignificant amount. This is where 1% of all revenue proved to be a lot more substantial and could be used more efficiently by getting to those that need it most consistently through regular channels.

So far, we have pledged more than:

> £25,653